A callback operator passes the matrix and rhs to a user-defined function where they can be modified as desired. An example where this is used is Example265.


function CallbackOperator(
	u_args = [];

Generates an operator that simply passes the matrix and rhs to a user-specified call back function. The callback function needs to be conform to the interface

callback!(A, b, args; assemble_matrix = true, assemble_rhs = true, time = 0, kwargs...)

The u_args argument can be used to specify the arguments of the solution that should be passed as args (a vector of FEVectorBlocks) to the callback.

Keyword arguments:

  • modifies_matrix: callback function modifies the matrix?. Default: true

  • time_dependent: operator is time-dependent ?. Default: false

  • name: name for operator used in printouts. Default: ''CallbackOperator''

  • modifies_rhs: callback function modifies the rhs?. Default: true

  • verbosity: verbosity level. Default: 0

  • store: store matrix and rhs separately (and copy from there when reassembly is triggered). Default: false